Q: How to download this game?

A: If you are a Android user ,there is a link on our offical website which is www.dnsea.net, you could also download from Google Play. If you are a apple user ,you could download it from appstore.

Q: What's your offical website please?

A: www.dnsea.net

Q: How to top up?

A: We have "top up "button in our game. Or you could press the "plus" buttom near the diamonds and get into top-up page.

Q: What should I do if the diamonds doesn't come to my account after payment?

A: Please do not be worried! If the diamonds didn't arrive to your account, it may be due to the Internet delay. You could first quit the game and then enter again to see if it arrived or not . If you have waited for more than 30mins and it still didn't arrive to your account ,you could get in touch with our GM for help.

Q: How to get in touch with GM?

A: Using Facebook Message or our GM Email.

Q: How to give a suggestion or report bug? Will I receive a reward for that?

A: Report your suggestions or bugs through Facebook or GM Email, we will give different kinds of rewards depend on how important it was.

Q: When could I enter this game?

A: We will have a Close Beta Test in the end of March and all files will be deleted after that, please notice our announcements in our offical website if you are interested in this.

Q: When will you open new severs?

A: Please notice our announccements on our offical website, Facebook fan page and announccements inside our game, if we have a plan of opening a new sever, we will have announccements at once.

Q: What should I do if I forget my account or passworld?

A: Please do remember your account, if you forget your password, you could click the "Forget password" button on the logon screen and follow the instructions provided by the system.

Q: How to get a gift code?

A: You could get a gift code through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instgram and so on, search "Dragon Nest: Saint Haven" to find the link of that gift code or simply visit our offical website to get one.

Q: How to change the language in the game?

A: If you click your icon in the game then click "settings", you could change the language there, now we have "Chinese Simplified","Chinese Tradintional","English" and "Thai" for you to choose.